Cleaning Microfiber Couch

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If you’re reading this that would indicate that you have a microfiber sofa that is in need of cleaning services in your home or office. We at PowerPro Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service can resolve this issue for you with our professional upholstery cleaning processes. Just complete our form or give us a call at (732) 347-7878.

Microfiber sofas look like suede, but the cloth is actually made from nylon and polyester fibers 100 times thinner than a human hair. Cleaning this space-age material can be somewhat tricky, because microfiber is much more likely to watermarks. However, cleaning with solvents or laundering pillow covers gets out the dirt with no unsightly stains.

No cloth takes on ‘rough and tumble’ households quite like microfiber. Durable, water-absorbent and soft microfiber sofas are great for dealing with children’s palms and losing household pets.

The cloths are vulnerable to gathering dust and dirt. To maintain your cloth looking fresh, read our expert tips.

How To Eliminate Dirt From Microfiber Sofas

To loosen dirt out of your microfiber sofa, just join the upholstery attachment for your vacuum (if you’re uncertain which attachment this is, it is the one with the wide( horizontal nozzle). Move the nozzle over your couch, making sure to enter all the nooks and crannies down the sides and the back. We recommend doing this once to prevent germs build-up.

If you detect the fibers have flattened post-vacuum, it’s easy to restore your couch to its normal texture by brushing with a dry, soft-bristled brush (these look like the kind you would use in the bathtub ).

How to Clean A Microfiber Couch

It will not come out as a surprise that each and every abode includes upholstery staples to supply you with the most comfortable sitting. The couches, loveseats, and chairs impart a snug kingdom to split, work, or even fall asleep.

Besides its usefulness as being your comfort tools, it serves as an important home décor. Whether you are a contemporary passionate or traditional enthusiast, home elegant microfiber sofas would definitely function as supplying goal.

How to Clean A Microfiber Couch - PowerPro Carpet and Rug Cleaning ServiceWithin the upholstery realm, the microfiber established sofas and sofas have settled within the limelight. This may be credited to how its soft and luxurious exterior is combined with a sturdy and durable interior. This makes it a smart solution for those clients, satisfying them most cost-effectively.

The cushy sofas dutifully resonate their sleek design and enhance your baby’s beauty. Not, just that, but they also improve air quality by causing the dirt and dust to adhere to it.

The prolonged use, without routine maintenance, would consequently, inevitably increase its likeliness to become dull and dirty. This may consequently reduction the aesthetics, it might possibly offer and interrupts the room’s ambiance of the coziness.

However frequently you stop your kids from running circles round the upholstery, they’ll end up them. Though it certainly {isn’t |isn’t their fault, you just can’t prevent them from turning sofas in their fanciful castles.

Let alone your kids; even grownups could unwittingly cause stains and spills which become a nightmare to remove. If you somehow manage your relatives under strict control, your pets won’t undermine in leaving their marks on the sofa.

Kill Off Stains In Microfiber Couch

Although microfiber is notorious for soaking up water, watermarks and wet stains are a whole lot more common than you may think. To tackle stains you’ll need to know which cleaning materials are excellent for your job.

How to remove WET stains from microfiber sofas

If you accidentally spill liquid on your microfiber couch, don’t panic – it’s simple to clean this up. To remove the stain, simply grab a moist cloth (after checking your cleansing code( obviously ) and wash off lightly, making sure not to wash to the fibers. Baby wipes are another effective option if you’re cleaning up superficial spills.

How to remove DRY stains from microfiber sofas

Dry stains, such as chocolate, can be a pain to get rid of sofas. With microfiber, however, all you need is a soft-bristled brush. To lift the mark from the cloth to scrub back and forth until the stain has disappeared. Next, if your cleaning code stipulates the green light to you, the next step is to remove any lingering marks with a damp cloth.

Vacuuming And Brushing Microfiber Couches

The tight knit of densely packed microfibers helps keep dirt and allergens from penetrating the fabric, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have to vacuum microfiber furniture frequently. Maintain your microfiber sofa looking good with weekly vacuuming — you can’t grind in dirt that is not there.

Use a bristled upholstery attachment to remove dirt and brush the rest of the microfiber at exactly the same time, which helps keep it feeling soft. If you prefer to brush microfiber on the times that you don’t vacuum, use a gentle, nylon-bristled wash brush.

Vacuuming And Brushing Microfiber Couches


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Before cleaning your microfiber couch, read its care instruction tag. Microfiber manufacturers use codes to indicate how to wash the cloth. “W” means the fabric is water-safe;”S” means washing using a dry-cleaning solvent;”S-W” signifies both solvent- and – water-safe; and”X” means to dry-brush only.

Rubbing alcohol may work on microfiber furniture marked “S,” but always test it in an inconspicuous spot. Never use bleach, acetone, carpet cleaner or upholstery cleaner on microfiber sofas. If you’re in doubt about cleaning your couch yourself, schedule a consultation with a specialist furniture-cleaning support.