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When you have experienced water damage and you are researching to get the perfect company to provide emergency solutions for your water damage, you’ve come to the perfect location. We know that undergoing water damage may be tough, but rest assured, you’ve chosen the perfect people to perform the job. This is your water reduction , but for PowerPro Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service, this is a procedure we’ve done countless times.

Years of experience in returning offices and homes back to normal and helping households and individuals just like you to make us the best solution for emergency services. This advice is a checklist of a brief description of why they need to be achieved and items which may have to be done to restore and protect your property. Leaking pipes!

While not all of the things will usage , this advice can allow one to comprehend the procedures to restore your home or company. Our water damage mitigation specialist will assist you through this list.

What is Water Damage Mitigation?

Water damage in your home is always a stressful situation. You’re working with a lot of questions – How much is that going to cost and why? How can I prevent this from happening again? Will my insurance policy cover all this?

To answer these and many other questions, we’ve compiled a list of useful information regarding water damage mitigation and what you will need to know.

Understanding Water Damage

In flooring , water typically spreads out and flows through the path of least resistance, especially toward substructures and lower floors. Porous materials, whether wood, sheetrock or other structure materials, will soak up the water, which can even travel up.

The consequent effects can include swelling, discoloration, broken adhesive bonds, delamination (flooring separation), warping and fundamental breakdown of construction materials which make up your own residence. The more time that elapses before treatment, the greater the harm. Even if the water disappears unassisted, it can result in damage to ceilings, walls and materials.

UNDERSTANDING WATER DAMAGEPowerPro Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service is a very reputable, licensed, insured and backed water harm provider . In addition to our years of experience, our qualified technicians have completed advanced training in water reduction, dehumidification systems, mold remediation and corrosion control. They also seek continuing education to find out about new methods and gear to better serve you in your time of need.

The information in this literature is general in nature and may not be applicable to your precise needs. However , we hope it will help answer your questions and assist you in knowing the procedures and procedures n restoring your property. It is our goals to restore your home as fast and efficiently as possible. The drying and recovery may require up to 3 stages before completion.

Phase 1. Emergency Service

Upon arrival, a Record of Authorization will have to be signed before work can start. A Sally Steamer trained technician will begin by deciding if your carpet is salvageable and if the carpet can be dried in place. If , we shall extract as much water as potential .

High-velocity air movers and dehumidifiers will be putting to dry the carpet and sub-floor quickly. Equipment needs to be left for the designated timeframe to ensure proper drying. The carpeting may want to be treated to inhibit microbial growth. If the pad can not be dried in place, we shall detach the carpeting in the tack strip and remove the wet padding to expedite the drying process. A pad sample will be taken back to our office to be matched and ordered for the re-installation. If your carpet is deemed un-salvageable, the tech may advise removing both the mat and carpeting.


it’s likely to be necessary for us to have access to a home during business hours through the drying process to be able to properly monitor the temperature, humidity and our equipment . Please, use our office on your favorite signifies of re-entry to your home so we could correctly monitor the drying procedure.

Phase 2. Re-installation / Cleaning

Re-installation and CleaningWhen carpeting can be successfully restored, we may wish to put in new pad and reinstall the carpeting. Re-installation includes re-stretching, re-attaching the tack strip, seam repair, and threshold fix or replacements. After the re-installation, carpet is cleaned and deodorized.

After the pad and carpeting may be successfully restored through in-place drying, the carpeting will still have to be cleaned and deodorized. In this era , any upholstery or other damaged furnishings will be cleaned. If equipment remains present , the technician will remove it in this moment.

Phase 3. Structural Repairs

When appropriate, after the drying process is complete, structural damage is assessed and the repair phase can start. At this moment, drywall, ceilings and floors will be mended. If the carpet can not be uninstalled, new carpet and pad will be installed. It may be appropriate to complete structural repairs before re-installation and cleaning.

How Much Can Water Damage Mitigation Cost ?

The typical homeowner in Philadelphia subway region spends between $3,00 and $10,000 to restore and restore property damage caused by by water. The extent and trigger of damages to your house , to play using a significant part in discovering the final costs.

An accredited specialist such as PowerPro Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service’s trained and certified technicians can determine the cause and extent of the devastation by categorizing and classifying the damage to your dwelling.

Want to prevent large cleanup and repair bills? Preventative maintenance and cleaning up quickly after damage are crucial to keeping prices down. How long moisture is left untreated increases that the range of this harm and allows mold to grow?

Preventing harm by calling professionals to diagnose causes and create little repairs can save thousands later. Regardless of the cause or price , constantly record the damage for insurance claims.

WHY CHOOSE PowerPro Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service FOR WATER DAMAGE MITIGATION?


When dealing with a water damage mitigation situation, getting a plan in place within 24 hours is important to maintaining the integrity of the construction and drywall. We are going to arrive, get a unique, customized program in place, and start the process… fast. Most homes can start drying the same day that the homeowners agree to the program.


We’re the most trusted name in the township of Manalapan, New Jersey since we do not outsource and you can trust our employees when they are in your dwelling. They are specially trained and industry certified. 

You will be assigned a project supervisor who can help you through the whole water damage cleanup & retrieval procedure. The team leader is plugged to your job each and every day. No exceptions.


WHY CHOOSE POWERPRO CARPET AND RUG CLEANING SERVICE FOR WATER DAMAGE MITIGATIONSection of mitigating water damage and drying out a home is knowing what you’re doing, not learning at work. Our team is local, knows the dirt and water tables of New Jersey, but using national criteria. 

We have got thousands of happy clients in New Jersey and New York, and if you look through our testimonials we probably have one out of the own city. We’re a hometown team, which means that your neighbors are our neighbors.


Policyholders do not want hassles. We are going to be sure you receive the coverage you paid for, eliminate the annoyance of having to work with your insurer, and streamline the whole process. 

You’ve got enough to worry about; we’ll work with your insurer to achieve your complete satisfaction. In actuality, we’ll usually do a survey with the insurance companies to ensure each and each policyholder will get everything they are entitled to get.

By mold growth to damaging your possessions and affecting the structural integrity of your home in New Jersey, water damage may result in a lot of issues. By taking on the pros at PowerPro Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service for water damage mitigation, you will have the assurance all tasks will be performed as needed. Let us look at some common concerns which will need to be analyzed and answered before water damage restoration work begins.


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