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Cleaning tile flooring by hand is hard work. It is messy, uncomfortable and impossible to find the deep-clean results that have professional grout and tile cleaning. This is because regular cleaning will not attain the hidden dirt that lies deep inside the pores of the grout lines. Grout is a porous material and it collects dirt, grime and spills, often discoloring the surface.

Our professional grout and tile cleaning service utilize our proprietary hot water extraction cleaning method to wash out the hidden dirt and restore the luster to your flooring. Moreover, we will eliminate 96 % allergens from the grout.

We do tile and grout cleaning for residential and commercial units in the Township of Manalapan, New Jersey.

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Our Commercial Tile And Grout Cleaning

No matter the sort of tile or dimensions of this room – we can find the grout and tile in your office back to clean.

Our team uses the identical tile and grout cleaning procedure for industrial cleaning as we do for residential service. We begin by inspecting your tile flooring to be sure we use the appropriate cleaning technique. Then, we’ll use our vinyl cleaning machines to pump warm water into your grout and tile, while extracting allergens and dirt.

You also have the option to add color seal into your grout to maintain your grout cleaner, longer. Color seal acts as a protective barrier helping keep dirt from your grout.

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Our tile and grout Cleaning Services

Nobody looks forward to cleaning tiles, and many people are even less enthusiastic about the amount of work necessary to scrub away the dirt which seems to cling to grout such as glue. It’s a difficult job, but somebody must do it, and PowerPro Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service is happy to take care of the task! Our specialist cleaning technicians are professionals that will make you wonder how they could possibly have brought back the original shine to your tiled regions so fast and easily. The thorough training our technicians receive enables them to utilize the very best procedures for making your tiles and grout as amazing as they have ever been.

Tile And Grout Tasks We Service

In PowerPro Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service We make all of the hard-to-clean tiled areas throughout your house sparkle! Here are some examples of the tile-cleaning tasks our specialists tackle so you do not have to:

Tile And Grout Tasks We Service - PowerPro Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service

Our Tile and Grout cleaning resources


Among the nicest touches to the basic architectural elements of a house is stone or ceramic tile in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways as well as outdoors. It’s tough to go wrong with tile. It is durable, long-wearing, and looks amazing. A stone tile flooring in the entryway instantly adds a feeling of class in a house, and there is nothing quite like a stone patio in the backyard to host a barbecue for family and friends.

Regrettably, stone, tile, and grout aren’t resistant to the unhealthy elements which are in and around your dwelling. Over time, dirt and grime build up in the porous surfaces of your stone, grout and tile floors, turning them into a breeding ground for disease-causing germs.

Especially in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, where germs can run rampant, it is important to do whatever you can to lower the spread of germs. While regular sweeping and cleaning with routine household cleaners are useful at keeping excessive build-up , it does not deliver the heavy grout and tile cleaning your flooring really need.

Why Tile And Grout Cleaning is Important

Grout is the cement that keeps ceramic tiles connected together. Weather it is your kitchen, your bathroom, or just the hallway, the grout is a crucial part of your floor’s base. It’s important to maintain the tile grout in pristine shape, otherwise it may collect a lot of unwanted bacteria over time.

A clean tile floor can make a great first impression on so many men and women. If you do not treat the ground with immense care, that may reflect badly on the entire company. Dirty or grimy floors may have a poor representation on your company. To avoid this, you must invest in the services supplied by a professional tile and grout cleaning company.

There are several advantages that a good grout and tile cleaning service may provide. These are the most critical benefits :

Extends the Lifespan of Your Floor:

You can keep your tile flooring with regular maintenance and regular cleaning. This eliminates dirt and other harmful contaminants that might cause a lot of wear and tear over time. 

By cleaning commercial tile with oxygenated bleach, you may keep the flooring in presentable condition for several years to come.

Keeps the Floor Looking Great:

Cleaning the tile grout makes a difference. Scrubbing out spots, soil, and other jagged messes can make your floor look like new.

Just be certain your cleaning supplier mops frequently and cleans the grout cracks of dirt and other residue. This provides your tile which sparkly clean effect . A professional cleaning service will give your floor the makeover it deserves.

Kills Bacteria and Other Harmful Germs:

Routine|Regular} upkeep of your tile grout is a good way to minimize health risks within the office . By scrubbing the grout, you will be able to destroy harmful bacteria living in the ground. This is a very hygienic way to make sure that the work zone is clean and secure for everybody in the construction.

Affordability and Flexibility:

Tile and grout cleaning services are elastic options that can help your company save a lot of money in the long term. Investing in the services supplied by a commercial grout and tile cleaning is a great method to save your time and efforts. This takes some additional stress off your shoulders and provides you with some free reign to concentrate on building your empire.

Improve the General Health of Your House with tile and grout cleaning

Tested and Proven Superior Outcomes

Professional tile and grout cleaning are important, not just because it protects and preserves your investment in the premium building materials on your house; it also helps preserve the healthfulness of your dwelling. Homes are supposed to be a safe haven that protect us from exposure to unhealthy components such as allergens, pollutants and germs. But a build-up of germs, dust and pet dander on floor surfaces can promote all types of chronic illnesses including asthma and allergies.

PowerPro Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service’s tile and grout cleaning services penetrate deep within the porous surfaces to eliminate the germs that can spread germs, remove grime and seal out dirt. And the outcome? You’re ready to restore the appearance of your floors, while also extending the life of your tile and stone surfaces. 

Clean, Shield and Seal Surfaces

A specialist grout and tile cleaning will remove the dirt and dirt that have accumulated on your flooring over time can restore a healthy glow to your tile and make it seem like it did when it was initially installed. However, the grout used to put in it’s an extremely porous material that can absorb dirt and spills, exactly like carpeting, making them more challenging to wash and making cleanup efforts less effective. After we clean your tile and stone flooring, we apply a sealant to keep out dirt and germs, giving you the chance to clean up any spills quickly before they could soak in the grout to blot and linger.

Trained and certified PowerPro Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service expert tile cleaners take their time to finish our comprehensive stone, tile and grout cleaning procedure. PowerPro Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service provides the best possible service with the safest and best cleaner to ensure a safer, healthier home for your family.


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when to hire tile and grout cleaning service

Are you sick of stained, discoloured or mouldy grout or tiles? Is routine scrubbing not getting the results? Subsequently, contact PowerPro Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service today. We offer professional grout and tile cleaning together with steam cleaning in Manalapan Township, NJ.

While regular cleaning and scrubbing can help in eliminating superficial build-up and itches, penetrating the grout to eliminate stubborn discoloration can be exceedingly tough. But not for us.

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Need grout and tile cleaning? Our expert team are available to assist. We provide comprehensive tile and grout cleaning services across Manalapan Township, New Jersey. If you’re searching for extra services, such as carpet cleaning, upholstery or area rug cleaning, air duct cleaning or water damage restoration services we can tailor an affordable customized cleaning package to fit your requirements.

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The Best Way To Clean Kitchen tile and grout in homes Freehold NJ

Kitchens tend to be the heart of the home , the place in which we spend most of our time and as one of the most used rooms in the house, kitchens tend to get messy, quickly. So keeping your kitchen tiles clean can help to make a huge difference in making the room feel brighter and more welcoming.

If your kitchen tiles and the grout in between them are looking a bit dull, this helpful ‘how to’ cleaning guide includes all you need to know. We’ll cover the following:

  • Cleaning equipment
  • How to clean kitchen wall tiles
  • How to clean kitchen floor tiles
  • The best way to clean grout lines
  • General maintenance tips

What you’ll need

Before you start your deep clean, you’ll need the following:

  • Warm water
  • Vinegar solution, hydrogen peroxide or dishwasher liquid
  • Baking soda
  • Cloth
  • Scourer
  • Mop
  • Old toothbrush
  • Spray bottle
  • Tile cleaning agent (optional)

How to clean kitchen tiles

Keeping your kitchen tiles clean isn’t just good for hygiene, you’ll also extend the lifespan of your tiles, and reduce the risk of future problems including damp issues caused by water penetration through old and damaged grout.

It’s worth noting at this point that different types of tile may require different cleaning methods and equipment.

For example, both ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles tend to be pre-sealed and hardwearing meaning that these types of tiles can be cleaned using abrasive cloths or brushes and more aggressive cleaning our agents Power Pro Carpet Cleaning in Freehold NJ. Natural stone tiles on the other hand are extremely porous, prone to staining and require a gentler approach, using a natural cleaning agent combined with less abrasive cloths or brushes.

Wall tiles

Rinse with warm soapy water

If your wall tiles aren’t too dirty and are free of any particularly tough stains then washing them down with a damp cloth and soapy warm water solution should do the trick (dish soap should suffice).

Tip: Make sure to give them a quick brush down to remove any grit or debris that may scratch or damage the tiles or tile grout.

For more stubborn stains and hard to remove grime you may need to use a more aggressive cleaning solution. In all circumstances, we recommend testing your chosen cleaning solution on a small area to ensure that it does not damage nor cause any discolouration or staining.

We stock a range of tile cleaning products that will help keep your kitchen floor tiles looking their best. From heavy duty tile cleaning products to surface sealers that help protect the tiles.

Vinegar solution

Super simple, simply mix 1 part white vinegar with 1 part water and voila, a natural cleaning solution, safe to use on all ceramic and porcelain tiles. For other tiles including terracotta, marble or granite we would recommend choosing a more pH neutral mix.

Hydrogen peroxide

Another friendly alternative to bleach is this hydrogen peroxide – water mix. Recommended ratios do vary, but we recommend starting off with 1 cup of peroxide and 1 gallon of warm water. Safe to use on all types of tile, simply spray on and allow a few minutes dwell time before wiping clean. Repeat as necessary.

Baking soda

You can also use baking, or bicarbonate soda mixed with a little water to create a paste to rejuvenate your tiles. Easier to remove dirt can be removed with a cloth, whilst tougher stains can be tackled with something slightly more abrasive such as an old toothbrush.

After cleaning

Once you’ve removed all the dirt and stains, use some warm water and a clean cloth to wipe over the tiles and remove any excess tile cleaner. Finally, dry the tiles with some kitchen roll or a clean cloth for a glossy finish.

Kitchen floor tiles

Floor tiles tend to get a bit messier and often have some tougher stains on them, but cleaning them follows the same basic principle as above, although you can also use a mop as this stage to cover large areas with ease. You can use one of the above cleaning solutions, but there are also a wide array of cleaning agents available which may be able to better tackle any particularly hard to remove stains.

Follow our step by step guide to ensure they are sparkling:

  1. Vacuum the kitchen floor before cleaning, as this removes any excess dirt and debris that you don’t want to scrub into the floor
  2. Use a good quality floor cleaner mixed with warm water and scrub the floor with either a microfibre soft cloth or a mop, depending on which you prefer
  3. Leave the floor to dry and try not to walk on it until it’s fully dry! If you notice any areas that need some extra attention, then repeat the process until you’re happy

The best way to clean grout

Grout can be the hardest part of tiles to clean and can easily discolour over time due to dirt and grease in a kitchen. No matter how sparkling your tiles are, discoloured grout can mean your kitchen still won’t look its best.

To create your own grout cleaning solution:


  1. Mix the baking soda with warm water to form a paste. You can also substitute warm water for white vinegar if you’d prefer! For a little stronger solution, try a mix of 1 part baking soda to 1 part hydrogen peroxide, left to dwell for 5-10 minutes
  2. Use your scourer or toothbrush, and a little elbow grease, to really work in your homemade grout cleaner in between the tiles
  3. Leave the paste on for 30 minutes before rinsing off with warm water and a clean cloth
  4. Repeat in areas that need extra work

Regular maintenance on your kitchen tiles

If you want to keep your tiles looking fresher for longer then there are a few small ways you can maintain your tiles that are quick and easy.

  • Vacuum your kitchen floor tiles regularly so no food or dirt gets stuck to the tiles for a long period of time
  • Clean up any spillages as soon as they happen to ensure stains don’t appear
  • Regularly wipe tiles to avoid the build-up of dirt and grease

If you follow these small steps regularly, then it will make cleaning your kitchen tiles much easier and less of a chore. This will avoid the build-up of dirt and keep your kitchen looking fresh and clean every day.